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Since forming in mid 1999, Stereotonics fast became one of the UK's leading tribute bands. 

With the same vocal style as Kelly Jones, lead singer, Paul, has fined tuned the sound of the band to make it as close to the real thing as possible.

Using the same guitars and wearing the same clothes, watching Stereotonics could almost be like watching the real Stereophonics! In fact, Stereotonics are the ONLY tribute that use the same (very expensive) guitar amp as Kelly Jones himself!

The band have a wealth of experience and have done over 1500 gigs since they started! 

They are often seen on the festival scene throughout the spring and summer months and play to large crowds that can range from anything from 500 people to a staggering 10,000!!

They have also travelled the globe performing all over the UK, Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, France, Belgium, Ireland, Holland and even one memorable trip to the Caribbean!

Its safe to say that being the most established Stereophonics tribute band in the whole of the UK, Stereotonics are the only band to book if you're looking to fill your venue or festival line-up!

Even Kelly Jones (from the REAL Stereophonics) has heard the band and his first reaction was, "Yeah! They are good!! They sound just like we did years ago!"

If it's good enough for Kelly, we're sure its good enough for everyone else!!

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