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The Wonderwall

Send your comments to us at enquiries@oasish.co.uk and we'll get them up on here!!

"Good gig in Taunton lads. Thanks guys!!" - Mathew Willis-Payne

"You guys were fantastic last night in The Perkin (Warbeck)" - Chris Howard

"Hi guys. Great set at Glastonbudget!" - Neil Williams

"Thank you for your time over the weekend - I know that you were very busy. Huge congrats though, for not just one blinding performance, but THREE!!" - Helen Taylor, Castledown Radio

"Good performance at Glastonbudget!" - Vickie Layshley

"Magic set boys! Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Hope you enjoyed the coffee!!" - Nick Stubbs

"Exeter was brilliant!! Cant wait for you guys to come back to Devon again. Thanks for a FAB night" - Krissy Page

"AGREED! Excellent performance in Exeter!! Great reviews, everyone keeps talking about the string section being fantastic" - Harry Harrison

"When you coming to Kendal again - Loved the last gig!" - Chirstopher Bownass

"Top gig yesterday at Inside Out Bar. Your newest fan - Big T!!" - Tracey Smith

"Hey guys, just to say you were amazing. YOU ROCK!!! X:)" - Krystal Helen Clark

"Saw you guys in Cannock a few times. F**KIN AWESOME!!" - David Ridgway

"Awesome gig at Tribfest. Thanks!! x" - Jacky Long

"Well done lads. Enjoyed your Limelight gig last night. Once again, can't wait for the gig in October now. Keep up the good work fella's!!" - Russ Wright Phillips

Keep your comments coming in folks and we'll do our very best to get more on as soon as possible!!

2010 Oasish